How we help you

Apply for China simplifies the process of studying abroad, all from one central platform.


Create Profil and Discover programs

Our Plattform matches students with the programs that best fit their interest, background and skills. Only a single universal application is needed to apply to as many schools and programs at once.


We Verify Documents and Submit Application

Our Team of admission experts verify and check each Application to ensure the highest chances for success. Once reviewed, the applications are submitted to our Partner Schools for verification.


Student receives Acceptance Letter

By using the Apply for China, platform students have the highest chances of getting accepted into their dream school. Once we receive the Letter of Acceptance, we will notify you and together initiate the next steps.


Apply for Visa and Immigration Documents

After receiving the Admission package, Apply for China supports you in applying for the proper Visa and fill out all necessary immigration documents.


Receive your commission

Congratulations! Your student has been successfully enrolled! Once confirmation of student enrolment with the School and payment to Apply for China has been made, you will receive your commission in a few days.

* The application process and a recruitment partner’s involvement may differ by market, school, and program. For Australia, recruitment partners refer students to Apply for China and Apply for China, through a dedicated team, works with the student on their applications.