China top medical universities

Since 1980, Chinese government has been working on increase the quality of the education in the country. 

In recent years, Chinese medical schools have gained the world’s attention thanks to several factors: excellent medical facilities, many scholarships offered and the international medical faculties all over the country. Most of the medical universities in China are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and are in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Compared to medical schools in the west, Chinese medical schools have lower tuition fees.

The undergraduate MBBS in China lasts 6 years. But what are the china top medical universities? Here we have our ranking:

1. Tsinghua University – School of Medicine

As the top Chinese university according to the World University Rankings, Tsinghua offers one of the most selective medical schools in the country. Enrolling into the School of Medicine is highly competitive, it admits about 90 students per year. Compared to other schools, Tsinghua runs an 8-year program: the first 3 years are spent developing a knowledge foundation. The next 2 years follow a double tutorial system, while the last 3 years engage in the rigors of clinical medicine.


2. Peking Union Medical College

Peking Union Medical College was founded in 1917 and it is one of China top medical universities. They are opened to international students and have a wide network of facilities to ensure the best education possible. This schools offers: graduate school, school of clinical medicine and school of nursing. They are one of the more strict ones when it comes to enrolling. 

3. Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Medical University, founded in 1934, has become one of the first colleges with a 6-year long medical program. This great university has 22 schools and twenty-four affiliated hospitals and more than fifty teaching hospitals. To graduate, international students need to learn which is one of the subjects though in the school. They offer a lot of experience firsthand and a great way to learn in one of their affiliate hospitals.


4. Zhejiang University School of Medicine 

Among the china top medical universities, we can find Zhejiang University which is one of the oldest medical schools in China. This University came a long way and was acknowledged as one of the top 100 universities in the world in 2017. This University is home to over 62,000 students, and that includes international students from 140 different countries.

5.Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University

Shanghai Medical College was founded in 1927 by Dr. Fuqing Yan and is one of the leading schools in China. It offers different bachelor programs:

- Clinical Medicine (8 years)

- Clinical Medicine (5 years)

- Clinical Medicine (6 years, taught in English)

The current leadership of this medical school in China is there to make sure you are getting the right education, practice, and opportunities to learn and grow. They have over 6.000 students and 22 professors were rewarded by The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar.

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