PhD in China for International Students

Thanks to its rapid development, China is becoming one the most preferred destinations among international students who want to continue their study journey in this country.

The Chinese government is investing a lot on education: not only bachelor’s or master’s degree programs but also the PhDs have been boosted all around the country. Every year the number of PhD scholarships in China for international students increases. 


China is key member of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Leading universities of this group are also located in China. A PhD in China is, above all, a great opportunity for international collaboration between professionals and teachers, as well as taking part to international projects. Other reasons why you should consider to start a Phd in China are:

- The rapid growth: the state invests on the education every year which allows universities to grow and raise their rankings internationally.

- Encourage postgraduates: the government offers many PhD scholarships in China for international students understanding their value.

- As said before, China is becoming more and more popular among international students becoming the second country (after US) in the list of the most popular place to study abroad.

- Last but not least, China is a multi-faced country: from high technology to historical excavations you’ll find your location. 


Currently the most chosen and popular PhDs in China are the PhDs in business/management, engineer, medicine, law and finance but you can find much more programs suitable to you. 

As in may other countries, when you apply for any PhD scholarships in China for international students you can choose to attend a part-time or full-time program, according to your schedule. Long-term program usually last 3 to 4 years Each year is divided into two semester: spring (March to July) and fall (September to January). 

PhDs are the final phase of your education journey so they have some access requirements:

- You must have completed master’s degree or equivalent

- In some universities you need to pass an exam in language proficiency and some subjects.

- Your supervisor must approve the PhD’s topic you have chosen

- You need at least two recommendation letters  

Before apply for any PhD scholarships in China for international students please remember that according to Chinese law, foreigner students are not allowed to work (unless universities the university allows it). But once you finish your Phd, apply for a working visa (Z visa) will be easier and you’ll be able to start your work right away.

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