High school programs in China: all you need to know

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High school in China has different types of program for international students. There are different kinds of programs:

-       For students who plan to learn Chinese language in China

-       For students who plan to apply to universities in China

-       For students who want to study in English taught high school programs.

If you want learn Chinese or you’re planning to apply to a Chinese university, doing a one year program in a local high school in China it’s the best choice for you. Students enroll in local high schools are able to spend more time with other Chinese students and participate in local student’s activities. There are programs designed for foreign students who have not learned Chinese language before. Students will take courses such as Chinese language, English, Mathematics and other Chinese cultural courses.

The high school in China is very different from the western ones and can represent a challenge for you, especially from a linguistic point of view. The availability and kindness of the teachers and companions will surely help you to integrate better and to fully enjoy your days as a local teenager.

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You will spend most of your days at school, where you can share various extracurricular activities with your peers: from sports (kung fu, badminton, basketball, tennis), to art (music, painting, ceramics), to science (science club and mathematics), etc. Try to engage in as many activities as possible, you will acquire new skills, cultivate your interests and most importantly, make new friend!

Most programs include homestay accommodation. While you attend high school in China, you will live with a friendly Chinese family who will take care of you during your stay. You will share with another fellow guest of the family, or, if you prefer, you can request the "single room". Homestay accommodation is truly the most fun and interesting part of spending a year abroad in China. You will eat freshly prepared Chinese food every day and you will be part of a Chinese family that will allow you to practice Chinese daily and immerse yourself in Chinese culture, always with someone next to you who will help and support you

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