Top 5 Xi'an dishes you must try!

Chinese cuisine if famous all around the world for its singular tastes and variety of the ingredients.

If you’re planning to visit China, there are some famous dishes that you must try at least once!

Xi’an is a beautiful city to visit: it’s not only the home of the breathtaking Terracotta Army, but in this city you’ll enjoy a delicious tasting tour of the local Chinese cuisine.

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Muslim quarter surrounding the Great Mosque is the famous Muslim community of Xi'an. Here you can find many Muslim restaurants, food stands and shops selling traditional handicrafts. Almost all the typical dishes and snacks can be found in the Muslim quarter

1. Roujiamo(肉夹馍)

The first dish you must try in Xi’an is the Roujiamo. Toasted bread and pork blend perfectly to form the famous Roujiamo with an exceptional flavor. Soft pork and fragrant toast, with a persistent and pleasant aftertaste.

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2. Liang pi 凉皮 (cold noodles)

Liang pi or Cold noodles are traditional noodles of Chinese cuisine. It is said that people who eat long cold noodles at noon on the fourth day of the first lunar month will be well rewarded. According to this belief, cold noodles were also called noodles of longevity (or good omen).

3. Yangrou paomo (Pita bread soaked in lamb soup)

Pita bread soaked in lamb soup is the only local snack in Xi'an, with a history dating back to the 11th century BC. It is well cooked with rich ingredients in order to create a thick soup with a pleasant flavor and an intense smell. In addition, it offers a strong and persistent aftertaste with a high nutritional value.

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4. Biangbiang noodles (Stewed-pork hand-ripped noodles)

Biang biang mian is a local specialty consisting of a sort of fresh tagliatelle served with a filling of eggs, tomatoes and beef or pork. This famous plate from Chinese cuisine is famous not only for its taste but also for the characters that create the name: indeed, the characters biang biang are the most complicated Chinese characters to write!

5. Soup dumplings

Soup dumplings are steamed buns served with sauce inside. They are finely processed with carefully-chosen materials. They feature fresh meats, thin and elastic wrappers, gleaming surfaces and rich flavor.

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