Five Reasons Why You Should Study In China

Nowadays students who decide to go study abroad have dozens of choices available in front of them. Among all these destinations, China is becoming every year more popular: indeed, a growing number of international students is considering to study in China. 

China is a beautiful and fast-growing country with many different cities and cultures, in addition it’s home of plenty prestigious universities which offer any kinds of degree programs. So, let’s see together five reasons why you should study in China. 

1. Lower tuition and scholarships

Studying in China is relatively “cheaper” compared with other countries such as USA, UK, or European countries. The academic institutions provided to international students are of very high prestige and reputation. Moreover, there plenty of university and government sponsored scholarships which can cover the entire or part of the tuition fees. 


2. Student life

As international student studying in China, you’ll have many great things to look forward to. All the big cities any kind of hobbies and activities. The shopping, entertainment and food are world class and, after the sunset, you can enjoy the night life in the city. Chinese cuisine is delicious and varied: students will be excited to taste many new different Chinese traditional dishes. Students who like sports will also enjoy China, as the Chinese love soccer, badminton, ping pong, martial arts and basketball.

3. Safest country in the world

Another reason why you should study in China is because it is one of the safest countries in world: if this is going your first abroad experience, studying in China will be the right choice for you. Of course, small risks are still present, including petty theft and pickpocketing in tourist areas: just remember to have a copy of all your documents before you leave. 

4. Prestigious of Chinese education and universities

Studying in a good university is a priority for most international students. Whether you are considering entering the job market soon after graduation or keep studying, your academic curriculum is essential for you to reach your future goals.

As the government of China invests in resourcing existing universities and internationalizing Chinese Education, Chinese universities are increasingly well respected around the world. 


5. A wonderful self-growing experience

Studying in China is not something made for everyone: at the beginning you’ll feel lost due to the language barriers and the cultural shock. But you’ll meet many other students in the same situation as yours, you’ll create lasting relationships and you’ll understand together how to overcome any obstacles. You’ll grow and you’ll be more independent and you’ll be these lessons forever with you.

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