Requirements to Study Abroad In China

Nowadays, international students who decide to go abroad to study are increasing year by year.

Thanks to its rapid economic grow and interesting culture China is becoming quite popular destination for students. Studying in China can be fascinating and wonderful self-growing experience but it’s important to know that you need to fulfill requirements in order to obtain a visa or a scholarship. In this article, we’re going to show you some of the most common requirements to study abroad in China. They might vary according to the university or local government of the province. 


Education and age limit

For bachelor’s degree programs the applicants must have high school diploma and be under 25-years-old

- For master’s degree programs applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree, be under 35-year-old and two letters of recommendation from two professors

- For Phd must have a master’s degree, be under 45-year-old and two letters of recommendation from two professors

Requirements of Chinese government

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health

- Applicants must comply with the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the rules and disciplines of the host country

- No criminal record. Applicants from some countries are requested to provide a non-criminal certificate notarized and certified by the Chinese Embassy

- HSK test is required for degree programs taught in Mandarin Chinese

- TOEFL or IELTS is required for degree taught in English 


Other requirements to study abroad in China are the ones concern the scholarship. To apply for a scholarship, applicants must:

- Have an age between 18 and 25 years old

- Not be awarded of any other scholarship 

- Not be currently studying in China

In addition, holding an English proficiency test and doing extra curriculum activities are a plus. Applicants are required to submit a resume or curriculum vitae. 

For what concern the application, these are the most common documents requested: 

- Passport-size photo

- Photocopy of the passport

- Graduation diploma

- Transcript of the records

- Personal statement

- English language certificate

These article tries to resume some of the most common requirements to study abroad in China that international students are required to submit. These documents and also the submission dates change according to the seasons and the university chosen. Our suggestion is to check all the requirements of your university in time first, and then start to prepare all the documents. 

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