MBA in China for International Students

In recent years, students from all around the world are seeking for opportunities in China: this country is one of the greatest economic entities and its unique history and culture have made it a popular destination for everyone. 

China may be one of largest suppliers of international students, but it’s also working to become a favored student destination: indeed, to promote their educational institutions, the government has been investing in universities and higher education system, bringing up the quality of their universities to the level of premier world class institutes. International enrollment has increased by 15% between 2012 and 2014. And China is expecting about 500,000 foreign students by 2020. Students are often drawn to China because of the relatively low cost of living and the availability of scholarships. The Chinese government provides the equivalent of US$300 million in scholarships to international students each year (particularly to students from developing nations).


In the light of above, if you’re planning to study business, why don’t you choose an MBA in China? 

The attraction for a Chinese MBA is obvious. It provides an environment suited to business training within one of the most dynamic and fast-growing economies in today’s world. 

There are plenty of well-structured and designed business schools that offer MBA in China. Before apply, it’s important to gain as much information as possible and well-consider which school you’d like to attend. Great part of the best business schools are located in Beijing, where you can find programs taught both in Chinese and English. However, other options exist throughout the country. 

Students who decide to start an MBA in China have obtained a bachelor’s degree first. The programs usually last two years but one year programs are still available as well. During your study, you’ll focus on different fields and topics such as marketing, HR, international business and management.

The cost of an MBA in China may vary according to the chosen university and school, usually scholarships are offered. 

It’s important to remember that even though international students are very welcomed to study at the business schools, the competition with other foreigners and the natives is high: the opportunities for students who enroll and complete an MBA in China are wide. China is growing and flourishing in terms of its economy and is not surprise that many students try to be enrolled. 


The benefits of choosing an MBA in China are many: international student will learn how to work with all-Chinese teams. For example, during group work at CEIBS (one of the best business school in the world), one or two international students will be placed in teams with two to three Chinese nationals to facilitate this learning process. You’ll face different realities and different approaches to solve the same problem. You’ll have the chance to live in one of the great economic in the world and study in a motivational international environment. 

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