Best Things of Living in Hangzhou | Places to Visit

Hangzhou, Zhejiang province’s capital, was once defined as “the finest and most splendid city in the world" by Marco Polo. This city will not leave anyone disappointed: from sports and culture lovers to technology enthusiasts, it's currently one of the most dynamic cities in China. Hangzhou has a lot to offer, from beautiful natural landscapes to colorful city night lights. The city Let’s see together some of the best things of living in Hangzhou.

1. Beautiful natural landscapes.

From the West Lake to Linyin Temple, Hangzhou has countless beautiful parks spread around all the city. One of the most famous park is the Botanical Gardens a place where you can easily get lost in time and place, full of inspiring scenes and plants and beauty that is almost magical. Hangzhou has some of the most famous and expensive tea fields in China. In April when the leaves are being harvested, it’s fun to watch and interact with the field workers picking the tea. It’s a great place to learn about tea, specifically green tea. There are not many places in the world that offer this in such a beautiful setting, inside a major city. Hangzhou is one of the best city for trekking thanks to its many mountains and natural paths. 


2. A city full of history and culture.

Another great thing of living in Hangzhou is the culture and the historical places the city offers: not only the West Lake but more! Hangzhou has many tourist attraction that are worth to be seen such as Leifeng Pagoda, Lingyin Temple, Yue Fei Temple or the Qinghefang Ancient City. 

Living in Hangzhou will also allow you to taste in first-hand the local food and discover its culture. Food is one of the centers of Chinese culture. Eating together can be a very lively event. Dishes are shared, food is discussed.


3. China’s “Silicon Valley”

Last but not least, Hanghzou is called the Chinese “Silicon Valley”. That’s because it’s home to some of China’s biggest technology companies! Living in Hangzhou means living in the hometown of Alibaba (tech company and e-commerce global leader), Ant Financial(a spin-off of Alibaba) or We Doctor (a healthcare provider that connects its 110 million users with more than 1900 hospitals across China). Hangzhou is an emerging technological hub and hosted the eleventh G20 summit in 2016. In terms of new startups, Hangzhou has managed to surpass both Beijing and Shanghai.

As you can see the beauty of living in Hangzhou lies in the fact that this city contains three different aspects that it’s usually hard to find in a mega-city: nature, history and technology. Its dynamism is what make this city one of the most special city in China and one of the most loved by expats!


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