Cost Of Studying In China for International Students

The cost of studying in China is far less comparing to UK or US universities, however it can be higher than in some European countries.

When planning to go to China for study, these are the most common expenses you need to consider starting from your application to your whole stay: 

- Most universities apply an application fee (usually around 100$)

- Visa fee

- Tuition fees which can vary according to the program you choose to attend

- Insurance which is high suggested

- Accommodation which can be inside the campus (cheaper) or outside the campus (more expensive)

- Flight ticket

- Food and other living expenses

As said above, the tuition fees can vary according to the chosen program but also according to the university. In public universities the fees range between 2,500 and 10,000 USD/per year. On the other hand, private universities are quite more expensive: most courses are under the 30,000 $ for academic year but for some MBA program you can pay over 40,000 $.


Another factor to calculate the cost of studying in China is, of course, the city you’re planning to live in. Currently, the most expensive cities in China are Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In these cities you’ll need around 1,000/1200 USD per month to cover your expenses. In the other cities you can manage with 600/1000 USD per month. 

The city also determines the cost of the accommodation. Even tough Shanghai and Beijing are most expensive city to live in China, you can find several affordable options for housing in these metropolitan cities. Rates are even lower in places such as Tianjin, Jiangsu or Sichuan. The most common options for students are:

- Student residence - (150 USD to 400 USD/ month) 

- Renting a flat – the cost depends on the city, the location of the apartment and the included facilities. Usually students prefer to rent a room (shared apartment). 

- Homestay– 350 USD to 550 USD/month.

- Hostel – usually chosen by international students as a temporary option.


Other expenses to add at your total cost of studying in China is food and transportation. China has excellent public transport at very low prices and even taxi rides are cheap. Most Chinese cities are also provided of sharing bike system, which is very convenient and cheap. A student transit pass for public transportation costs around 15 - 20 USD/month. For what concern the food, students can eat at university canteen where a meal can cost from 1 to 4 USD. Chinese street food is very cheap, you can eat a bowl of fried rice for 10 RMB. In big cities you can also find international chain supermarkets like Walmart, Carrefour and Auchan which are little bit more expensive than the local supermarkets.

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