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Studying in China never has been easier. Discover programs and schools to find the ones that best suit your interest. All with only a few clicks and a team of experts guiding you at every step of the way.


Chinese University Admissions

International students who are applying for Chinese universities are required to complete the admission requirements set by the Chinese government and the university where they plan to enroll. The admissions process and requirements are different for every degree level.

Admissions Information By Degree Levels

- Degree: Bachelor's Degree/ Master's Degree/Ph.D. Degree

   学士学位.PNG    硕士.PNG    博士.PNG

- Non-degree: Summer/ Chinese

   语言.PNG    汉语.PNG

How To Apply To A Chinese University?

If you would like to receive assistance throughout the application process, we can help you from document preparation to admissions. The process is simple. You just need to follow three steps:

1. Choose a program, complete the application form and upload your documents戳.gif here.

2. Pay the application fee with these payment methods.

3. Wait for your admissions notice, process your visa and get ready to study in China!

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