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Enhance your global standing and complement your campus

Apply for China recruits the most talented and qualified students from around the world. To further the success of your School.

Trusted Network of Partner Schools

Apply For China Partners with leading Institutions all over China and helps them to further their educational success.

Complement the quality of your campus

Apply for China is the simplest way to recruit international talents.

Enrich your Campus

Add cultures from all over the world.

High-Quality Applications

You will only receive qualified and complete applications.

Verified Network of Recruiters

We partner with trusted recruiters worldwide.

Document validation

We conduct in-house verification of key documentation to ensure the highest chance of success.

Attract talents worldwide

Reach the best students globally and add value to your Campus

Promotional Channel

Promote and showcase your School and programs on our platform, events and across our social media.

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Simplify the evaluation process

The Apply For China Team saves you time and increases efficiency while ensuring the applications meet the admission requirements and are complete.

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Attract suitable students and diversify your Campus

Expand your international standing by bringing new people, cultures and mindsets to your Campus.

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Save time and resources

Partnering with Apply for China is the easiest way to reach and attract qualified students from all over the world to enhance your institution.