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Studying abroad made simple

Studying in China never has been easier. Discover programs and schools to find the ones that best suit your interest. All with only a few clicks and a team of experts guiding you at every step of the way.

Why Apply for China?

Simple Application

Create a profile in minutes and enjoy the ease of accessing and applying to multiple schools and programs with a few clicks..

Expert help

Get personalized assistance from an expert at any step of the way.

Diverse range of Schools

Choose from a wide range of schools and fields.

Financial Consulting

Find the best solution and get exclusive scholarships.

Visa Assistance

Our certified immigration consultants will ensure the visa process remains smooth and straightforward.

Diverse range of Schools

Choose from a wide range of schools and fields.

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Any Questions left?

Arrange an appointment with one of our experts to clarify any remaining questions.

Selected Study Destinations

How It Works

Discover schools & programs

Learn more about different schools and programs in China.

Send out Applications

After finding the most suitable one for you, complete and send out your Application.

Get Accepted

The School reviews your Application and sends a letter of acceptance.

Apply for Visa

With Apply for China the Visa process remains smooth.

Prepare for your journey

Pack your bags, Book your flight and start your adventure in China.