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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why should I study in China?

There are several reasons why you should study in China some include

  1. Gain a new perspective 

  2. Learn about Chinese Language & Culture 

  3. World-Class University and Education 

  4. Improve your CV

  5. Personal Development

The average annual tuition fee in China is around 40,000RMB but can vary depending on the city, university and level of study you wish to pursue. Generally, tuition is higher for Postgraduate Degrees and in bigger international cities. By using our Platform, you can find an overview of all universities and their tuition fee and easily filter and sort for the right programs

The Exact Documents can vary based on the university and degree level, but generally are needed:

  1. Passport

  2. Graduation certificate (If already graduated)

  3. Pre-Graduation Certificate from School (If not yet graduated)

  4. Recommendation Letter

  5. Personal Statement 

  6. Language Test 

  7. In some cases, it's possible first to submit Basic Information and submit all the necessary documents later.

More and more universities in China offer fully English taught programs next to their already existing Chinese or bilingual taught programs. 

Some Universities even have specific programs only available to international students or programs instructed in another Language such as German.

You can easily find the right programs on our Platform and see in which language it is instructed.

Even though the cost of living has risen in the last couple of years, especially in big cities, it is still comparably low compared to other developed countries.

A common misconception is that everything in China seems relatively cheap, but especially in bigger cities and products targeted to young people are often equivalent in cost to developed countries.

The average cost of living in Shanghai, for example, is around 40,000RMB per year, excluding rent.

After you submit the application, all related documents and pay the application fee, we will first do an in-house check of the documents to ensure the highest chance of success for you. 

You have done everything you need to do at this point, and we will handle the rest for you.

After that, we will submit the application and all documents to the university for verification.

After receiving the university's acceptance letter, we will notify you and help you with the following steps, including Visa.



How do I find the right university and program?

We know that finding the right university program is challenging. Whether you already know your exact program and only need help to apply, or you're still open to all options. Our Plattform ensures you will find and get accepted to the program that suits you the best. Use our Filters and quickly sort for the right universities and programs of your interest

Application Fee: You have to pay the application fee before submitting your application. Otherwise, the schools will not review your application. The application fee is charged by the school and, once paid, non-refundable.

Tuition Fee:  The Tuition Fee usually has to be paid in advance for a year. Some schools require you to pay a deposit amount after getting enrolled. An annual medical insurance fee is mandatory for all students and will cost around 800RMB per year.

Note: You can find a list of all Universities and their fee structure on our Platform.

Apply for China doesn't charge you any extra fees for processing and reviewing your application. For the Basic Admission Process, all costs are charged and paid to the school.Students can use our Platform for free and without any extra costs.

There are several scholarships available for international students in China. Ranging from scholarships issued by the government to universities. These can either cover the tuition fee or be a monthly payment made to the student or, in some cases, even both.

Apply for China can help you in the process of applying for the right scholarship.

Generally, there are two Visa options available for international students studying in China.

The X1 Visa is valid for a stay longer than 180days and allows multiple entries and exits into the country. The X2 Visa is valid for short term studies (Exchange semester) with a duration of less than 180days. Only one entry into the country is allowed.

For further questions please contacts us

For Degree Programs at universities, the student needs a legal guardian and a certificate to prove it.

A guardian has to be a Chinese citizen or a foreigner with a work visa in China. If the student reaches 18 years of age in less than six months, the school can also assign a teacher to be the legal guardian.

For Non Degree programs, this is not needed.


ABOUT Apply For China

How does Apply For China help me?

Apply for China simplifies the process of finding and applying for the right programs.  A strong network of Partner Schools and experience ensure that we provide the best help at any time.  Our team of experts will guide you along every step of the way to ensure the whole application process remains as smooth as possible. 

Our Logo can mean a lot of things for different people. The idea was to represent the diversity and history of China in one Logo. In its essential function, it represents an ancient Chinese Hat.

In ancient times, a man who works hard and passes the imperial examination can have the hat.

Meaning, be a man of great talent through education.

Apply for China is a platform to make it easy for anyone to experience China.  You can discover and apply directly to the schools and programs you are interested in and manage everything related to your application all from one place.  During this whole process, our team of experts will support and guide you along the way to ensure this entire process remains smooth and convenient. 

No, because of relevant Chinese laws and regulations, international students are generally not allowed to be employed and work next to their studies on a student visa. 

Nevertheless, there are work and study opportunities, including universities allowing students to do internships during their studies in specific semesters. 

These opportunities are generally relatively small, so we recommend keeping that in mind and make necessary financial preparations in advance. For any further questions or financial consultation, feel free to contact us at any time.

Yes, even though we can't guarantee you get accepted by using our service.

Based on our years of experience and our network of partner schools, we can ensure the highest chance of success for you.

We will put the customer first and always try to give you the best support at any time.