Beijing is the capital of China, its political and cultural center; a city with a thousand faces and moods, surprisingly combining the hectic pace of modern life with distant echoes of Western values without sacrificing any of its own traditions. In its more than 3,000-year history, this contradictory and enigmatic Asian metropolis has vanished from the map countless times and been rebuilt with greater and greater vigor. Faceless residential neighborhoods, skyscrapers piercing the clouds and dazzling in the night lighting, charming medieval hutongs - all architectural styles and eras can be found in modern Beijing. Experience the enchanting magic of great Asia, dissolving in the endless human flow of Beijing streets and plunging into the motley, noisy and incredibly attractive reality of one of the oldest capitals on the planet. What else students can find there?

Top Universities

Tsinghua University was ranked #2 in QS Asian Universities Ranking in 2021 and #15 in QS World University Rankings! In addition, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Renmin (People's) University of China and many other universities in Beijing ranked high.


It is cheap to study in Beijing

It is cheaper to study, travel, eat and live in Beijing than in Shanghai or Guangzhou, making it a convenient place for students. You will find that by exploring local restaurants and student canteens, you can eat out for $7-$10 each. And the availability of scholarships will make life here even brighter!

International Student Capital

You will become part of the international student community. Students from all over the world gather on university campuses. Beijing is home to one of the largest international expat communities. This will give you the opportunity to make contacts in almost any country in the world, which is a huge opportunity!

A metropolis of career opportunities

Living in a big city has many advantages, one of which is the vast field of work and a wide range of professional opportunities. If you want to do an internship, Beijing is the place to find many businesses looking for experienced foreign professionals. Many international companies hire foreigners for market research and expansion into other countries.

Beijing is one of the centers of Chinese culture

The largest theaters, exhibitions, artists from all over China and the world are concentrated in Beijing. In addition, in Beijing there are a huge number of architectural monuments and unique buildings. Beijing is also located near the Great Wall of China.

Nightlife in Beijing

Beijing never sleeps! Study and relaxation must be combined. For nightlife, Beijing is a godsend. There are a lot of clubs, bars, and themed places where you can relax with your classmates and have fun.

Cost of Living

Life in Beijing for a student costs an average of 25,000 RMB a year, which is about 2,000 per month. This should be enough for a tasty and varied meal, clothing, and entertainment. In many places, such as nightclubs, foreigners can not only have free entertainment, but also get free drinks.