Chengdu:"World Food Capital"

Chengdu, with a thousand-year-old accumulation of ancient Shu culture, has drawn a vivid stroke in history. The former Shu King, silkworm

cluster and fish pond, and the former famous prime minister Zhuge Kongming, have filled this city with countless memories. History has

given this place too many honors. "One year as a town, two years as Chengdu."

Fast-developing economy

Chengdu's economy has always been very dynamic. In recent years, Chengdu's economy has developed even more rapidly, especially in

the fields of manufacturing and services. Chengdu's manufacturing industry is well-known throughout the country because it produces

a variety of products, from high-tech electronics to traditional handicrafts. Chengdu's service industry is also constantly growing, thanks

to the city's expansion, population growth, and government support policies. Overall, Chengdu is a vibrant city that is constantly

progressing and developing.


World Food Capital

When it comes to Chengdu, the first thing that comes to mind is its cuisine, after all, it has been named "World Food Capital" by UNESCO.

"Food in China, taste in Sichuan" is not just an empty phrase. However, as for the most authentic "Chengdu" cuisine, it is always hidden in

the alleys of this city, waiting for you to discover.


Aside from food, Chengdu also has other famous tourist attractions, such as Wuhou Shrine, Jinli Ancient Street, and the Giant Panda Base.

These places showcase Chengdu's long history and culture, attracting many visitors.


Traveling is not just about visiting the scenic spots of the destination, but also about "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" and

experiencing the daily lives of the locals. "If you haven't been to Sichuan when you're young, you won't leave it when you're old."

What kind of leisurely daily life do Chengdu people lead that can make people have such an evaluation?For Sichuan people, drinking

tea is definitely a major event, especially in the 1930s, when the number of tea drinkers in Chengdu had reached more than 100,000,

and there were more than 600 tea houses, forming a profound tea-drinking culture that can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys

of Chengdu.


In short, Chengdu is a vibrant and charming city, and its cuisine, culture, and people are all worth seeing. If you want to experience Chinese

culture and cuisine, Chengdu is a very good choice.