The courses here are exceptionally diverse and can increase your prospects for a good career, and bring you closer to the rest of China and the

world. So, studying in Guangzhou does not only give you a better understanding of China but also access to the booming sectors

Affordable tuition with Scholarships with the top Universities

Access to an international hub relevant to modern-day International Trade and Commerce

Great Opportunities for Career Development and Professional Growth

Diversity is one of the main Characteristics of Guangzhou filled people from all parts of the world tied to Business and Commerce

Well networked transport options to other parts of China

Chengdu has fast developed into a sophisticated economic hub with, advanced transportation cluster, a cultural center, and a real gem of

Southwest China. Chengdu is famous for its culture, different cuisine, and classy lifestyle. Though the city is growing very fast, the authorities have

maintained a beautiful balance of preserved history and modern perspectives. There are plenty of heritage sites, such as Buddhist and Daoist

mountains, magnificent museums, and beautiful temples. You will witness new subway lines expanding every day to all parts of the city to ensure

natural movement.

Studying in Chengdu is ideal for international students who look for a brand new experience in one of the oldest, culturally enticing Chinese Cities.

Chengdu is also one of the relevant economic centers and transportation and communication hubs in the country.

Academically, Chengdu offers high-quality educational experience for international students in areas such as Engineering, IT, Business courses, and

many more. You can also learn Chinese Language or improve your Mandarin Studies. Most Universities in Chengdu provide classes in Tai Chi, Chinese culture, history, or Chinese cuisine.

There are several entrepreneurial hubs, incubators, and business accelerators in Chengdu that are readily available to assist international students

transition into entrepreneurship after study.

Why Study in Chengdu

The Universities in Chengdu offer great opportunities to learn and explore the local culture. You can select from diver courses and programs

admitting international students. If you love to explore another fascinating culture away from home, Chengdu is the place

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Great Cultural Immersion in a buzzing city with opportunities
Great Opportunities for Career Development and Professional Growth
A huge community of international students located in this city who are readily available to help and support you

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Universities in Chengdu

Sichuan University (SCU) - Sichuan University
Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) - Southwest Jiaotong University
Southwest University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE)