Shanghai: Paris of the East

Shanghai, one of the most diverse and prosperous cities in China, is a unique blend of international cultures and Chinese traditions. With a rich history and economic development, Shanghai has seen a remarkable transformation. Starting off as a small fishing village, the city quickly grew into China's premier port and home to foreign concessions. Later on, it became the country's first free trade zone, where many economic and social reforms were tested.

Today, Shanghai is a modern metropolis that reflects the new, progressive China. Studying in this city is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in its rich culture and learn from some of the world's leading universities. It is an excellent kickstart for your future, offering a range of academic and professional opportunities that will help you achieve your goals and ambitions.


Why Shanghai?

Shanghai is a prime example of the "New China" and one of Asia's leading city. Most of the country's upper class live here, in some of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world. The city is home to the headquarters of innovative Chinese companies as well as leading international companies such as Coca-Cola, IBM, Mercedes, Nikon, and others.

The openness of the city to foreign trade, as well as the diversity of cultures and ethnic groups had a significant impact on the development of educational institutions in the city. Thanks to the attractive career opportunities Shanghai's universities have quickly taken a leading position throughout China. Seven Shanghai universities ranked in the QS World University Rankings. Shanghai is the most international city in China. Therefore, many universities offer instruction in English.

Shanghai World Career City

Because of Shanghai's position in international business as the busiest container port in the world, companies are looking for people who want to start an international career. After graduating from university in Shanghai, you can work for a multinational company in the city and move to another branch around the world after a couple of years. Whether you see yourself in finance, commerce, education, or another industry, if you manage to find a job in Shanghai, your career is a great start.

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International Academic Environment

The city ranks 29th on the QS index of best student cities. High scores on employer engagement (14th) and student experience (3rd) show that the city's prestigious universities are viewed positively by graduates and employers alike. The Chinese government has recently implemented plans to convince international students to continue to stay in China by introducing a new policy that allows international students to take internships, part-time jobs, and even start their own businesses in China after graduation, which was quite difficult in the past.

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Major Universities in Shanghai

Shanghai is among the top student cities in the QS rankings. It also ranks exceptionally high for student experience and employer engagement. This means that not only do you have a high chance to have a good time in Shanghai, but also to take advantage of employment opportunities with major companies in China as well as in your country.

The charm of Shanghai

Shanghai, also known as the "Pearl of the Orient", is a modern and dynamic city that blends the best of traditional Chinese culture with western influences. It is a global financial and economic center, and a hub for culture, fashion, and entertainment.

Shanghai is home to many architectural landmarks, such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower, and the historic Bund. The city is also famous for its delicious cuisine, ranging from traditional Shanghainese dishes to international cuisine.

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From traditional local cuisine to international delicacies, you can find a wide variety of food in this city. Famous snacks include xiaolongbao, shengjian mantou, sweet and sour pork ribs, and braised pork. In addition, Shanghai also has many high-end restaurants offering Western and Asian cuisine. Food establishments in Shanghai are everywhere, and whatever you want to taste, this city can meet your needs.


Nightlife in Shanghai

Shanghai is a vibrant city that offers exciting experiences at night. Its towering skyscrapers and bustling streets make for a true spectacle after dark. With numerous bars, clubs, and music venues, there's plenty of fun to be had for those who want to party. But Shanghai's nightlife is not just about partying, it's also a shopper's paradise with multiple options for luxury goods and local souvenirs. Moreover, there are serene tea houses, tranquil gardens, and parks, which offer a peaceful retreat from the city's hustle and bustle.

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Overall, Shanghai is a city that offers something for everyone, whether you're interested in history, culture, fashion, or simply enjoying the cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Cost of Living

Life in Shanghai for a student costs an average of 25,000 RMB a year, which is about 2,000 per month. This should be enough for a tasty and varied meal, clothing, and entertainment. In many places, such as nightclubs, foreigners can not only have free entertainment, but also get free drinks.

Universities in Shanghai: Paris of the East