A diverse and prosperous city, uniquely combining international cultures with Chinese traditions. Shanghai has always held a special place in China's history and economic development. Initially making the transition from a small fishing village to China's premier port and home to foreign concessions, it later became the country's first free trade zone, destined to test many economic and social reforms. Shanghai reflects the new progressive China. Studying in Shanghai will be an incredible kickstart for your future.

Why Shanghai?

Shanghai is a prime example of the "New China" and one of Asia's leading city. Most of the country's upper class live here, in some of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world. The city is home to the headquarters of innovative Chinese companies as well as leading international companies such as Coca-Cola, IBM, Mercedes, Nikon, and others.

The openness of the city to foreign trade, as well as the diversity of cultures and ethnic groups had a significant impact on the development of educational institutions in the city. Thanks to the attractive career opportunities Shanghai's universities have quickly taken a leading position throughout China. Seven Shanghai universities ranked in the QS World University Rankings. Shanghai is the most international city in China. Therefore, many universities offer instruction in English.

Shanghai World Career City

Because of Shanghai's position in international business as the busiest container port in the world, companies are looking for people who want to start an international career. After graduating from university in Shanghai, you can work for a multinational company in the city and move to another branch around the world after a couple of years. Whether you see yourself in finance, commerce, education, or another industry, if you manage to find a job in Shanghai, your career is a great start.

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International Academic Environment

The city ranks 29th on the QS index of best student cities. High scores on employer engagement (14th) and student experience (3rd) show that the city's prestigious universities are viewed positively by graduates and employers alike. The Chinese government has recently implemented plans to convince international students to continue to stay in China by introducing a new policy that allows international students to take internships, part-time jobs, and even start their own businesses in China after graduation, which was quite difficult in the past.

Major Universities in Shanghai

Shanghai is among the top student cities in the QS rankings. It also ranks exceptionally high for student experience and employer engagement. This means that not only do you have a high chance to have a good time in Shanghai, but also to take advantage of employment opportunities with major companies in China as well as in your country.

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Ease of admission

Because of the large number of universities in Shanghai, it is not too difficult to be accepted into a program. Most universities have grant spots, making it much easier for international students to get in than for applicants from China. However, there are a few basic requirements that international applicants must meet.

Cost of Living

Life in Shanghai for a student costs an average of 25,000 RMB a year, which is about 2,000 per month. This should be enough for a tasty and varied meal, clothing, and entertainment. In many places, such as nightclubs, foreigners can not only have free entertainment, but also get free drinks.