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Located in Hubei Province, Wuhan is the capital of the People's Republic of China. With a population of over eleven million, it is the most

populous city in Hubei. A busy city port serving commerce and trade for centuries, Wuhan has been referred to as "the Chicago of China" because

of its significant role in domestic transportation. Today, it is a major city in the world in terms of scientific research outputs, and is also one of the

world's top 100 financial centers according to the Global Financial Centres Index.The city has more than 350 research institutes, 1,656 high-tech

enterprises, numerous enterprise incubators and investments from 230 Fortune Global 500 companies. It is also home to numerous prestigious

universities, including Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology!


Known as a Creative City of Design, Wuhan's cultural agenda is centered on creativity, including the large Wuhan Design Biennale, which brings art

and technology together. A key cooperation platform for Chinese, Japanese and Korean experts and professionals was also established in the city

since it held the first New Media, Animation and Game Expo in China.A further highlight was Wuhan's 10th International Garden Exhibition on

landscape design, which featured 92 cities and attracted over 2.4 million visitors. Over 100,000 residents have benefited from the exhibition as the

Jinkou landfill has been regenerated through green and low-carbon designs.A number of initiatives have been introduced in Wuhan to create a

conducive environment for creative designers, such as the Qingtong Plan, which has created 73 dedicated districts and 217 incubators. An

economic development plan based on culture and innovation has also been implemented by the city to accelerate the development of creative

industries. So, if you're an arts enthusiast, Wuhan is just the right city for you to unleash your potential and keep the creative juices flowing!

Best Things to Do In Wuhan:

1.Visit top attractions

One of the best things to do in Wuhan is to visit the picturesque spots in the city that bring you closer to nature! Located on the Yangtze River,

Wuhan is home to 87 square kilometers of botanical gardens, cherry groves, and lotus ponds on East Lake. You could also visit the Yellow Crane

Tower, which is an iconic symbol of the city that sits on a hill above the Yangtze river.

2.Visit Tanhualin Art Village

The area surrounding Tanhualin Street is a famous old neighbourhood with many Republican-era buildings, and contemporary art galleries have

added a new energy to the area. It is the perfect spot to spend a cozy weekend, weaving through the crowd along the vibrant streets that

showcase the everyday lives of people in Wuhan while taking in the culture of the beautiful city,

3.Go Bar-Hopping

Nightlife is now back in full swing in Wuhan, with the reopening of numerous bars and entertainment joints in the bustling city. You are likely to

find partygoers on the streets and hear loud music ringing in your ears as you stroll along the popular nightlife spots on the weekends! Weekends

are the perfect time to go bar-hopping but it’s perfectly fine to do so on weekdays too, if that’s what you prefer! Relax and unwind with some

friends and drinks at some of the best bars in Wuhan:1.  SOHO Bar苏荷酒吧 2. Baomahui 808 Bar 宝马会 3. Babyface  4. Vox Club 5. Blue Sky Cafe


Universities in Wuhan ( examples of universities in Wuhan)

Wuhan University (WHU) - Wuhan University

Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) -Wuhan University of Technology

Central China Normal University (CCNU) or Huazhong Normal University

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZUEL) Central South University of Political Science and Law