Beijing Foreign Studies University, or the BFSU, is a prestigious university in China and under the direct management of the State Ministry of Education. As the first foreign language university and offering the most language programs in the country, it excels in the teaching and studying of foreign languages, foreign literature, overseas sinology, and also serves as an importa..

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This major aims to cultivate well-grounded, practical, creative and all-round research talents who are well developed in morality, intelligence and physical condition to meet the requirements of national modernization. We aim at training practical and multi-disciplinary expertise for the talents with certain background of sciences and engineering knowledge, to adapt economic globalization and the rapid development of science and technology. Graduates are expected to be the inter-disciplinary talents with strong learning ability, practice and innovation ability and foreign language skills. Graduated are expected to be able to carry out international business and other relevant management tasks in government, organizations and enterprises.

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Program level:
4-Year Bachelor's Degree
Business and Finance
Application fee:
¥800.00 RMB
¥39900.00 RMB/year
Cost of Living:
¥25000.00 RMB/year
Application start time: Application deadline: Status: