Zhejiang University also colloquially referred to as Zheda, is an elite C9 League university located in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province.Founded in 1897, Zhejiang University is one of China's oldest, most selective, and most prestigious higher education institutions. Reputed as the ‘East Cambridge’ in history, Zhejiang Uni..

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ISEE is presently one of the largest engineering colleges at Zhejiang University with an undergraduate enrolment of over 300 students per year. ISEE offers undergraduate academic programs in Information Engineering and Electronics Science and Technology, and covers the fields of communication and networks, signal processing, physics electronics, circuits and systems, microelectronics and optoelectronics, electromagnetic and photonics, etc. 

ISEE is ranked 39th in the QS University Rankings by Subject 2020 (Electrical and electronic Engineering). ISEE receives over $25.73 million in research funding in 2019 and is backed by over 110 faculty members who have broad and diverse backgrounds with strong research and professional expertise. 

ISEE works closely and consistently with diverse industry partners – local and multinational companies and start-ups to ensure that we are staying ahead of tomorrow’s demands. Our partners include Alibaba Group, Huawei, Hikvision, OPPO, etc. 

At ISEE, we are preparing creative engineers who are inspired and equipped to solve complex societal problems. Students work in an interactive learning environment with extensive laboratory and project content. There is broad multidisciplinary interaction among the programs. 

Electronics Science and Technology focuses on the design and application of large and small scale electronic systems to process and transmit energy and information in this professionally accredited degree. This program has a balanced core and a flexible elective structure designed to equip our graduates in electromagnetics, electronics and microelectronic, integrated circuit, digital signal processing and photonics, etc. We expect our graduates to advance within industry positions or in graduate study, or to carry the attributes of an engineering education into other disciplines. These programs of study must include mathematics and basic sciences, fundamentals and applications in several engineering sciences, and team-based experience in the process of design, where theory is applied in the context of real needs and limitations, and where judgment must be exercised. Our graduates should be able to think critically when solving problems and managing tasks and communicates effectively in multidisciplinary professional environments. To be a responsible member of the engineering profession, each graduate must be aware of social, ethical, environmental and economic factors and constraints on engineering activity, and must understand the importance of these matters in a global context. We aspire to have our graduate exhibit intellectual depth and creativity, uphold high ethical standards, and show a commitment to the betterment of society through service and professional work. 

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Program level:
4-Year Bachelor's Degree
Engineering and Technology
Application fee:
¥800.00 RMB
¥80000.00 RMB/year
Cost of Living:
¥20000.00 RMB/year
Application start time: Application deadline: Status: